G.A.T.E mode short for Gauss Advanced Test Environment, provides students and teachers with a secure computing environment to the software purchased and licensed by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. During this mode computer users will not be able to access all of the files in their home directory, sending and receiving e-mail, printing, the external web, USB key/cdrom/floppy access, existing temporary files stored on the machine, and all access to the internet including access to other machines on the University Network. With the exception of our Math Moodle website webct.math.yorku.ca, all other computer access remains unavailable on these machines. Students can use the Moodle site to submit their completed work.

This page serves to provide an explanation of what G.A.T.E. mode is, how to request it for your course. If you have any questions, or if the documentation is unclear, please contact support@mathstat.yorku.ca

To request G.A.T.E. mode, instructors should send an email to support@mathstat.yorku.ca with the following information:

  1. Faculty Name
  2. TA(s) names or login id's
  3. Your Course Number
  4. Date eg Mon Oct 5th
  5. Time eg 9:30am to 11:20am
  6. Duration of test (eg 45 minutes)
  7. Number of Special access hosts for students with disabilities