Welcome to MATH & STATS. Undergrad Computer lab

Advanced Multimedia Lab (AML)/Gauss Lab is located in the Ross building, South Tower, room 110 (RS110) and offers a multi-platform computing environment designed to meet the computing needs of the students of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. The lab offers an extensive variety of services, including word processing, statistical analysis packages, graphical design tools, Java development environment, Unix computing environment, web hosting, e-mail, streaming video, web development tools, mathematical software; Matlab, Maple, SAS, R-Project and access to other campus computing facilities through X terminals. AML offers a single login, single password computing environment, meaning that users only have to remember one password in order to gain access to any of the resources available in the lab.

Gauss location: S110 Ross Building
Gauss Lab extension: 20226

Technical Support: support AT aml.yorku.ca(replace AT with @)